The Acoustical Society of Italy (A.I.A.) was formed in 1972 as a no-profit association with the goal of promoting and spreading research, applications and education on all the aspects of acoustics, as well as the dissemination and exchange of information among its members.
The registered office of the Association is in Rome at the Institute of Acoustics “O.M. Corbino” of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and another CNR Institute (IMAMOTER), in Ferrara, hosts the Secretariat of the Association.
The number of AIA members has grown from the 16 founders in 1972 to about 350 in 2005. Six membership grades are offered: Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Individual Members, Collective Members (Institution, Companies, etc.), Student Members and Sustaining Members. Honorary Fellows and Fellows are eligible to hold Association’s offices. All memberships entitle to receive the publications of the Association and to attend its meetings at reduced fees. Anyone having interest in acoustics can apply to become Individual Member, while Fellow membership is acknowledged by the Board of the Association on application from Individual Members for at least three years and demonstrating technical or professional qualifications in acoustics. Honorary Fellow membership is conferred upon individuals of distinction while the Student membership is open to any student younger than 30 year old.
The management of the Association is in the hands of an 11-member Board consisting of the President, the past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and 7 Fellows elected by their peers. The Board serves a four-year term with the main task to implement actions for promoting the activities in all the branches of acoustics, to facilitate the exchanges among its members and to establish international links with foreign acoustical associations.
At present, three specialist groups are organized within AIA, covering the fields of Building Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics and Musical Acoustics. The activities of each group are managed by a Coordinator and a Technical Committee elected by all the Fellows and Members of the group. The Environmental Acoustics Group was formed in 1988 followed by the Musical Acoustics Group in 1992 and the Building Acoustics Group in 2005.
The Association annually holds its annual meeting covering all the aspects of acoustics. In the last three years, this event has attracted large audiences (more than 200 participants, on average). The papers presented at the annual meeting (110 on average) are regularly published in the Congress Proceedings, a book of about 600 pages. In addition, each specialist group organizes seminars and workshops on specific subjects during the year. Proceedings of these events are also published by AIA. Every year AIA awards the best degree thesis (the “Giacomini Prize”) and PhD thesis on acoustics (the “Sacerdote Prize”). In addition, other grants (the “Barducci Prize”) are acknowledged to young scientists and students for attending national and international congresses on acoustics.
In 1977 AIA began the publication of a quarterly journal, titled “Rivista Italiana di Acustica”, which is the official magazine of the Association. Each issue contains research papers, technical notes, news from AIA and from the specialist groups, calendar of events, etc. Papers are usually in Italian with a summary in English, but also foreign languages (i.e. English and French) have been used by distinguished authors. Each issue is about 50 pages in length, and nearly 1000 copies are distributed to society members and other people in Italy and abroad. The Association retains close ties with other national and international associations related to acoustics. In achieving statutory objectives, AIA is active in establishing international links with foreign associations. In 1972, the Association was one of the founder Societies of the Federation of Acoustical Societies of Europe (FASE) and was among the founders of the European Acoustics Association (EAA) in 1992. AIA is full member of the Board of ICA (International Committee for Acoustics) and has been affiliated with I-INCE since 1983.
The Association hosted international conferences, such as the 4th FASE Symposium on Acoustics and Speech in Venice (1981), the Conference on Acoustics and Recovery of Spaces for Music in Ferrara (1993), the 18th AICB (Association Against Noise) Congress in Bologna (1995), the 17th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) in Rome (2001) and the 5th Euronoise Conference in Naples (2003).

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